China Unicom Net Profit Surged 68.9% in 1H17

Updated:2017/8/17 17:22

China Unicom announced the 2017 interim performance report on August 16.

The dazzling report shows a wonderful performance in the first half of the year. The company has kept a steady recovery in revenue which increased 3.2 percent to CNY12.411 million year over year while its profitability has improved significantly as planned.

Representing 35.1 percent of the service revenue, EBITDA rose 5.5 percent to CNY43.56 billion compared with the same period of last year. The company's net profit has hit CNY2.42 billion with a net growth of 68.9 percent.

Besides, China Unicom has precisely invested, promoted the sharing cooperation and resource mining and enhanced returns.

The CAPEX of the first half fell 49.5 percent to CNY9.14 billion from one year earlier while its free cash flow reached CNY37.52 billion, benefiting from the gradually improved service revenue and significantly dropped CAPEX.

China Unicom achieved mobile service revenue of CNY76.84 billion with a 5.2 percent YoY increase in the first half of 2017; its mobile subscribers jumped 5.63 million to 269.45 million, and the ARPU of that significantly improved to CNY48.

A 34.26 million net increased happened to its 4G user base, totaling 138.81 million, which accounted for 51.5 percent of the mobile user base, up 23.7 percent from one year earlier; the ARPU of 4G subscriber was CNY66.5 while the average of 4G data traffic consumed per subscriber per month was 3,330MB.

During the period, its fixed network service revenue stabilized hitting CNY46.57 billion.

ICT services brought the company revenue of CNY1.87 billion, a 15.6 YoY growth; its IDC (Internet Data Center) and cloud computing service revenue climbed 22 percent to CNY5.8 billion; Internet of Things connections exceeded 50 million; its big data services kept taking the lead in the market.

Its fixed broadband access services generated revenue of CNY21.56 billion, down 3 percent YoY and the subscribers reach 76.92 million with a 4 percent YoY growth.

The company's 4G network utilization rate reached 35 percent while FTTH subscribers accounted for 75 percent.

In addition, China Unicom has built world's largest single-city NB-IoT network in Shanghai with advanced technologies.

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