China Mobile Retains No. 1 Spot

Updated:2017/7/24 16:30

China's three state-run operators successively released the operation data of June recently.

Keeping ranking first, China Mobile performed strongly in the 4G user base, which exceeded 10 million with a jump of 10.42 million, and fixed broadband service user with 2.561 million net additions, three times the number of China Telecom and China Unicom.

MIIT has released the operating data for the first half of the year recently. With nearly 600 million from China Mobile, China's 4G subscriber has increased 118 million to 888 million with a penetration of over 65 percent.

In addition, in June, China Unicom and China Telecom performed stably in June. It is alarming that the former's fixed broadband subscriber growth has dropped continuously for several months, which came to 16,000 this year.

In June, China Mobile added 3.078 million mobile subscribers, with the total reaching 866.506 million; China Telecom gained 2.83 new mobile subscribers, hitting 229.85 million; a growth of 1.091 million happened to China Unicom's mobile user base which hit 269 million.

China Mobile also remained dominant in 4G with 10.419 million additions and a total of 593.651 million; China Telecom's 4G subscribers jumped 4.77 million to 152.02 million; an increase of 5.433 million happened to China Unicom's 4G user base, of which the total reached 138.8 million.

It is noticeable that China Mobile has captured quite a few fixed broadband markets this year, making China Telecom's first place shaky which maintained the original growth.

Specifically, China Mobile's fixed broadband subscriber has been raised by 2.561 million to 93.041 million during the month; that of China Telecom was up 810,000 to 128.1 million, and its FTTH subscriber has surged by 11.24 million in 2017 by the end of June, reaching 117.23 million; China Unicom saw a 16,000 net increase in the fixed broadband user base which hit 76.921 million.

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