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MIIT: No Misled or Forced Subscribing or Upgrading to 5G Plan

Updated:2021/2/5 09:57

Improvement of 5G service quality is needed, MIIT said in a notice delivered.

As noted in the notice, publicity to 5G services and rates should be given on principles of objectivity and authenticity, which is indicative of full disclosure of 5G plans and no overestimated 5G strengths or preferences or information withheld or underestimated restrictions therein. Carriers shall not mislead or compel anyone into subscribing the 5G plans or upgrading their present plans to the 5G plans. Without consent from subscribers, 5G plan subscribing, plan upgrading, etc., shall be banned.

In addition, for 5G plans where change of plans is not contracted, carriers shall not restrict relevant subscribers from changing their 5G plans to other plans available; otherwise, carriers may negotiate with relevant subscribers on termination of the 5G plans subject to the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China.

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