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China Basically Achieves Same Speed in the Same Network between Urban and Rural Areas

Updated:2019/10/16 22:24

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced at the National Poverty Relief Day Forum 2019 held yesterday that MIIT has worked with the Ministry of Finance to provide five rounds of pilot universal telecommunication services since 2015, supporting 130,000 administrative villages nationwide with their optical network building and the construction of 37,000 base stations.

Over 98% of China’s administrative villages have gained access to the optical network and 4G mobile communication services while 99% of the poverty-stricken villages are provided with the access to the optical network. China leads the world in terms of the network coverage in rural areas. The average download rate in pilot area is above 70M, fulfilling the promise of “same speed in the same network” between urban and rural areas on the whole.

The MIIT would further step up the in-depth network coverage in rural and remote areas. The 4G mobile communication services would be particularly promoted among the rural communities composed of at least 20 households that have the needs. More efforts would be invested to widen the network coverage along the traffic arteries, such as the national and provincial highways, and in other scenarios.

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