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China Supports Building about 20,000 4G Base Stations in 2019

Updated:2019/4/18 19:25

On April 16, 2019, MIIT and MOF jointly issued Guide for Applying for Pilot Programs of Telecommunications Universal Service in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as “the Guide”). The Guide proposes to accelerate 4G network coverage in pilot remote and border areas this year. By 2020, 4G network will be accessed to more than 98% of administrative villages and widely spread in border areas across the country, to strongly contribute to building a moderately prosperous society. In 2019, China will build around 20,000 4G base stations. It also clearly specifies application qualifications, working procedures, supporting measures, and time requirements of the pilot program.

Any of the following application qualifications must be met: 1. Administrative village. It has no 4G base stations, or has one but no 4G signals in any area of population centers with more than 20 households, migration and resettlement places, important traffic roads, farming, forestry and mining areas, water infrastructure, and scenic spots. 2. Border area. Within 0-3km from the border no 4G network is accessed to any area of border resident centers with more than 20 households, schools and village clinics, ports, border posts and surrounding roads. 3. Island. On the island/reef without a 4G base station people have lived over years.

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