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China Applies Additional 8.45GHz Spectrum to 5G Tests

Updated:2017/7/17 17:06

MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) recently approved plans to apply the 4.8-5.0GHz, 24.75-27.5 GHz and 37-42.5GHz bands to China's 5G technology R&D field tests.

The 3.4-3.6GHz band carries the 5G technology tests in Beijing and Shenzhen in January 2016, MIIT announced, which aims to verify the 5G key technology performance.

In June this year, MIIT has successively disclosed comments on the low frequency spectrum for 5G use and 5G millimeter wave band planning and intended to apply the bands of 4.8-5.0GHz, 24.75-27.5GHz and 37-42.5GHz to 5G tests.

MIIT has by far sent approvals of a total of 400MHz spectrum beneath the 6GHz band and 8.25GHz spectrum in the millimeter wave band for 5G R&D tests in China.

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