A Decade! MIIT Issues 5G Licenses to Three Operators

Updated:2020/12/25 18:00

On Wednesday, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued 5G frequency use licenses valid for a decade to the country’s three mobile operators based on their applications.

MIIT issued 5G medium and low-band test frequency use licenses to the three operators early in 2018. Upon the expiration of the licenses, MIIT now issued 5G frequency use licenses valid for ten years to them, and allowed them to redevelop some of the existing 4G frequency resources for 5G. This is an important initiative to promote the large-scale deployment and high-quality development of 5G network.

Historical experience and the law of industrial development tell us that a decade is a cycle in the evolution of mobile communication technology. This licensing realizes the certainty of 5G development at the regulatory level. By 2030, 6G commercial network may have become reality.

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