China's Total 5G User Leaps Over 100M

Updated:2020/7/21 17:14

Perhaps the three major telecom operators didn't have a good start in 2020 as their pace of construction of 5G was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Q1. But as the pandemic was gradually settled, they immediately grasped the window to foster 5G into operation and have made certain achievements. The most evident one is the latest operation data report of June 2020. The report shows that the number of 5G users of three operators has surpassed 100 million.

Although the number of 5G users is still a tiny portion of the 1.6 billion mobile phone users, it is a memorable and remarkable achievement considering that this goal was reached in just over a year. China Mobile, which owns 70.19 million 5G users, is undoubtedly the greatest contributor to this achievement. Of course, China Telecom deserves our praise as well with 37.84 million 5G users. However, China Unicom has not yet disclosed its data of 5G users, but it won’t change the fact that China has become a major power in 5G industry.

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