China Mobile 5G Package Users Exceed 55 Million

Updated:2020/6/7 19:33

At the "First Anniversary of 5G Licensing Online Summit" yesterday, China Mobile Deputy General Manager revealed that as of now 140,000 5G base stations have opened. China Mobile has strongly pushed the development of 5G allied with all parties of industry, which made a positive progress on all kinds of work over the year.

China Mobile plans to develop 100 Million 5G Package Users over the year, and by the end of May, more than 55 Million 5G Package Users have been developed, which is far beyond the expectation. Cooperate deeply with terminal manufacturers, push the terminal price to 2000RMB and lower the threshold of purchasing, all of which have driven the estimated sales of 100 Million 5G terminals over the year.

China Mobile will energetically push the joint construction and sharing of networks to make sure an accumulative total of 300,000 5G base stations established within the year and provide 5G commercial service among cities at and above the prefecture level in the country.

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