40,000 5G Base Stations to be Completed in Tianjin by 2022

Updated:2020/2/5 22:45

According to the 5G plan issued by Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, the city will complete the construction of 40,000 5G base stations by the end of 2022 to usher in a new era signified by the full coverage of 5G network, in-depth coverage of hot spots for industrial apps, and on-demand 5G network services.

In addition, Tianjin plans to establish over 100 pilot 5G application scenarios by the end of 2022, covering main industries and fields such as agriculture, industry, and services. It will foster over 10 core enterprises in the 5G industrial chain, adding 5G production output up to RMB 30 trillion, and bringing over RMB 100 trillion of output value to associated industries. The city will also build a significant creation hub of 5G core component sector to take an early step in China’s 5G industrial developments.

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