The Auction Price of Taiwan 5G Spectrum is Out of Control

Updated:2019/12/31 23:14

The bid price of Taiwan 5G spectrum has crossed the mark of NT$ 70 billion in the first stage. On the basis of the industry expectations, the bid price of 5G spectrum will surpass NT$ 100 billion which will exceed the total funds that five operators can employ according to previous statistics presented by the Taiwanese media.

In the face of continually rising auction price, NCC as a communication regulatory agency is worried that the auction price of Taiwan 5G spectrum may set a new world record, and hopes that the operators consider the subsequent network construction cost to avoid excessive investment.

At present, the authority is considering that the earning over budget will be used to eliminate the obstacles of the frequency band from 4.4GHz to 4.6GHz to advance the second auction of 5G spectrum.

As scheduled originally, the next 5G spectrum auction in Taiwan will be held in three years.

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