Taiwan's 5G Spectrum Got Higher Bids

Updated:2019/12/4 23:55

The first round of 5G spectrum auction in Taiwan will start on the 10th of this month, when several major operators are getting ready for funding. It is reported that the Taiwan government has previously offered tender premium of 40 billion (TWD, 1 TWD is about 0.23 RMB, the same as below) for 5G spectrum auction.

Previously, several major operators in Taiwan expressed their common aspirations, hoping that the 5G spectrum auction price is reasonable. However, the official response was a price increase of 4-billion TWD.

The 5G spectrum in this auction includes the 270M bandwidth of 3.5GHz band with a floor price of 24.3 billion TWD; the 25M bandwidth of 28GHz band with a floor price of 3.2 billion TWD; the 20M bandwidth of 1.8GHz band with a floor price of 3.2 billion TWD. The total floor price is 30 billion TWD, and the planned revenue is 44 billion TWD.

According to a market forecast, the free bidding mechanism will cause fierce competition. The total revenue is expected to exceed 50 billion TWD, or even reach 60 billion TWD.

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