Shanghai Dalian Road Tunnel Will Become Chinas First 5G Tunnel

Updated:2019/9/17 19:41

According to the report, the Shanghai Dalian Road Tunnel will have full 5G coverage by October 2019. It will become China's first 5G river-crossing tunnel. The overall length of Dalian Road Tunnel is 2.5 kilometers, and it acts as an important river-crossing tunnel that connects the northeast corner of the Puxi area with Pudong new area of Shanghai.

The official indicated that the 5G tunnel is one of the pilot models of infrastructure in the intelligent city, which is jointly built by China Unicom and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd.  China Unicom has developed several 5G application scenarios including the AR/VR-based maintenance operation, the real-time HD video transportation, and the accurate underground orientation for the 5G coverage project of Dalian Road Tunnel.

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