3GPP will Launch R16 version next month to Ensure 5G Commercial Use in 2020

Updated:2018/6/21 16:06

Today, the 3GPP Plenary Meeting (TSG#80) approves the freeze of independent networking function for the fifth generation of mobile communication technology standards (5G NR).

After declaring the freeze of 5G antagonistic networking, 3GPP will begin to discuss the R16 version directly. Xu Xiaodong, vice chairman of the RAN Plenary Meeting, says that in fact, before the meeting is held, 3GPP has already discussed the issues of R16, which also led to the delay of the R15 Conference.

Xu Xiaodong says that 3GPP has already made a formal schedule for R16. From July 2018 to December 2019, 3GPP needs to make a definitive R16 version to ensure that 5G is commercially available in 2020.


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