Wei Leping: Fibre-Optical Infrastructure Resources Become Kernel of 5G Differentiation Competition

Updated:2018/6/19 14:52

At the "OPTINET China 2018" , Wei Leping, executive deputy director of the Communications Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, says that the 5G competition is evolving into a competition for fibre-optical infrastructure, and fibre-optical infrastructure resources have become the kernel of 5G differentiation competition.

The 5G's business orientation will enable operators’ focus from wireless access networks to data centers that store content, which involves the metropolitan area network and regional network between RAN and DC. Wei Leping believes that the fibre-optical network between them becomes the key.

As far as Wei Leping is concerned, high speed rate and high frequency band of 5G require a high standard for fibre-optical network capacity and fibre-optical connection density, and some businesses require very short time lag. At the same time, 5G fibre-optical network will not only be applied to fields of capacity, connection density and time delay, but also will change the relationship between the wireless network and the fibre-optical network, in which the two will gradually merge into a unified end-to-end network with the blurring boundaries.

"Obviously, the method that can maximize control of cost growth is to make the best of the existing FTTH fibre-optical infrastructure, including the machine cabinet, pipeline hole, pole line, ODN, optical cable, optical fiber, etc., to share fixed/mobile basic resources. Therefore,fibre-optical infrastructure resources become the kernel of 5G differentiation competition. " Wei Leping says.


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