Ni Guangnan: China¡¯s Communications Industry Should Keep a Firm Grip on Core Technologies

Updated:2020/9/18 13:40

China’s communications industry should pay particular attention to grasping the core technologies, said Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The rapid 5G development in China is closely related to the long-term capital input and technology accumulation of domestic companies.

He asserted that the information and communications industry is a knowledge-intensive one, the development of which relies heavily on the drive of core technologies. The number of core technology patents possessed is an important measure of the strength of global communication equipment manufacturers.

The US government’s successive moves against China at the technological level, especially in the areas of 5G and IC and also expanding to other areas including mobile applications, not only have hindered the open cooperation and development of technology globally, but also reaffirm the importance of a communications industry that is capable of independent innovation and autonomous control.

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