The First Batch of New Home Appliances" Loaded with Huawei HarmonyOS Start Sales on Double Eleven

Updated:2020/11/12 14:31

Yesterday, totally over 10 types of Midea (including its subordinate high-end AI technology home appliance brand COLMO) "New Home Appliances" loaded with HarmonyOS appeared collectively, to provide unprecedented smart home experiences for consumers.

It is HarmonyOS' first step into eco-products, as well as smart world's great progress in real life-the first time that terminal operating system has broken through the limitations of single-category devices.

As we see from "New Home Appliances" launched by Midea this time, the remarkable improvements are mainly reflected from 3 aspects. The first is top-speed distribution network, just touch cellphone, the distribution network agreement based on WiFi Aware could realize the device's distribution network in 3 seconds; The second is from non-screen to with screen, realizing a real-time monitoring on device's status through cellphone's function interface, including operating status, material reminder, etc; The third is direct service, just touch cellphone to have direct original services-washing, repair, purchasing consumables, etc.

As planned, Huawei is about to provide HarmonyOS 2.0 Beta version towards smartphone for domestic developers in December, besides, Huawei cellphones will fully support HarmonyOS 2.0 next year.

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