Hefei Plans to Build 22,000 5G Base Stations by 2022

Updated:2020/6/10 21:58

Recently Hefei announced the 5G development program that by 2022 it aims to build 22,000 5G base stations. Besides, it plans to make 5G network available in areas above major towns and superior 5G access in some key regions, striving to be a pioneer of 5G mass commercial use. The scale of the 5G industry of the whole city will reach 30 billion yuan ($4.2b), and thanks to this, the electronic information industry and other associated industries will have a gross output of 100 billion yuan ($14.14b).

At present, Hefei has established over 5,000 5G base stations and preliminarily had the main urban area within the second ring and some key areas covered with 5G network.

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