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China Mobile's 5G Deployment Schedule Comes out

Updated:2016/11/30 15:04

On November 20, China's IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group announced 5G test technical specification of the second phase with over 100 guests attending the conference, including officials from MIIT, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology and major operators & vendors at home and abroad.

According to MIIT, China will accomplish the 5G technology R&D test in 2016-2018 and carry out product R&D test in 2018-2020.

China Mobile's 5G Deployment Schedule

In 2017, China Mobile will select about 4-5 cities where it will build nearly 7 sites for system verification, targeting to form pre-commercial prototypes.

In 2018, China Mobile will construct nearly 20 sites in each of several cities for scale test and form end-to-end commercial products and pre-commercial network.

In 2019, China Mobile will keep expanding the scale of the 5G trial network.

In 2020, China Mobile's 5G base stations will reach 10 thousand, which will drive 5G services to achieve scale commercialization.

China Mobile will deploy 5G on the band below 6GHz at first, and then on high frequency bands after one and a half years at least.

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