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Tong Jilu of China Tower Said ¡°Stand with Operators¡±

Updated:2020/3/18 22:42

Tong Jilu, chairman of China Tower, recently says that by the beginning of March 2020, the company has erected more than 200,000 5G base stations.

He explains that China Tower has managed to reduce the construction cost of base station in the development of 5G by strictly controlling the proportion of new stations. Guided by the principle of "share a station with others rather than building a new one", the company has realized over 97% of their demand for base station with the existed resource. Meanwhile, among the 653 new stations on the ground, 205 stations, or 31% of them, were built base on the social resource.

Tong emphasizes that he hopes to stand with the operators to work out ways to further reduce 5G cost including electricity fees and site rent, so as to accelerate the progress of 5G commercialization.

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