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China Tower Accomplished Over 130,000 5G Construction Projects in 2019

Updated:2020/1/10 21:27

The working conference of 2020 of China Tower Co. Ltd (China Tower) was recently held in Beijing. The conference gave a comprehensive review of the 5-year work since the establishment of China Tower. During the 5 years, China Tower has a total investment of over 200 billion RMB, accomplished over 2.2 million tower construction projects, contributing to China’s speedy construction of the world’s largest mobile broadband network. In 2019, China Tower comprehensively planned the construction of 5G infrastructure, accomplished over 130,000 5G base station construction projects utilizing 97% of existing resources, thus providing solid fundamental support for 5G commercial use.

At present, the number of tower tenants of China Tower has doubled compared with that of 2015. Indoor distribution projects covering an area of over 2.42 billion square meters have been constructed, covering high-speed railway mileage of over 19,000 kilometers and subway mileage of 3327 kilometers. In 2019, the application of social resources by ground macrocells and microcells have reached 17.3% and 84.7%, respectively, reducing the costs of construction investment.

The innovatively created operation & maintenance monitoring system has realized the visible, manageable and controllable full-content sites. A total of 24.3 billion RMB has been invested in the update and modification. The duration of power-off service and rate of power-off service have separately decreased by 50.5% and 38.8% compared with that of 2016 when the full-content maintenance was just begun. China Tower actively fulfilled corporate responsibilities, successfully providing communication support for major events and completed various emergency missions.

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