More than 20 Million 5G cellphones Sold in November in China

Updated:2020/12/10 21:54

According to a report by China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT), in November 2020, the general shipment quantity of cellphones on China's domestic market was 29.584 million, decreased by 15.1% year on year. Among that number, 20.136 million was 5G cellphones, accounting for 68.1% of the total shipment quantity of cellphones during the period. There are 16 new types of 5G phones launched, accounting for 53.3% of all newly launched phone types during the period.

From January to November, the domestic market saw an accumulative total shipment of 5G cellphones of 144 million, with total 199 newly launched 5G types, accounting for 51.4% and 47.7% of the general shipment and new tpyes respectively.

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