Crisis of 50 Million Mobile Phones in Stock Faced by China

Updated:2020/2/14 08:28

The number of mobile phones produced from the Chinese market has declined by nearly 50%-60% during the 2020 Lunar New Year, which resulted in a high-level inventory of approximately 50 million to 60 million mobile phones to date, according to Guo Mingji, the analyst of TIANFENG INTERNATIONAL. In most insiders’ thoughts, majority of the stock are likely to be 4G phones.

Affected by the current epidemic disease in China, the inventory has once again attracted attention in the industry of the mobile phone market. Price-off promotion is among the small number of solutions to take inventory, while to operate at a loss should be avoided. Hence, the capability of the supply chain is needed to be restored as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be a short of 5G mobile phones for sale when the 4G inventory has been entirely taken.

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