Industry Outlook:800 Million Smartphones Will Support AR in 2018

Updated:2017/12/14 13:23

According to the Deloitte Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions 2018 report that was released on December 13, the existing augmented reality (AR) technology was mainly used for facial filter in camera Apps, 95% of which were demonstrated in cartoon style; in 2018, however, it’s estimated that the proportion of real images will rise to 50%, and 800 million smartphones are expected to run on operation systems that support AR.

The development of AR mobile phones relies on both hardware and software. The hardware includes mobile chip processor, camera modules and sensors, chip giants including Qualcomm and Intel have already joined into the development of AR mobile chips, trying to improve AR experience in mobile phones from the underlying hardware layer.

While hardware determines whether AR technology can be combined with mobile phones, software directly affects user experience. However, the AR ecosystem hasn’t been completely established yet, its development mode is similar to VR, but lags behind in the ecosystem construction.

At present, the applications of AR are dominated by content established through mobile phone lens, which will also be the main source of output of AR; in the future, the quality of images will be greatly improved with the availability of smartphones with built-in depth sensors.

The upgrading of software will also enhance the accuracy of feature detection, even surpass the range of the user’s vision, it can then detect all kinds of objects and make interact with them, including vehicles, buildings and so on.

In the era featured by user experience, subsequent AR technology will be expected to be used in shopping and entertainment activities, such as virtual home decoration, it is easy for consumers to obtain AR without additional expenditure, for companies, the main question is under what conditions to import AR to assist consumption experience.

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