Huawei Dual-Engine Container Solution Scoops Excellent Case Award

Updated:2023/5/18 10:29

On May 9, 2023, at the China Cloud Network Conference held in Beijing, Huawei dual-engine container solution won the 2022 China SDN/NFV/Network AI Excellent Case Award issued by the SDN/NFV/AI Industry Alliance of China Communications Standards Association.

Huawei dual-engine container solution won the China SDN/NFV/Network AI Excellent Case Award

In the past decade, the telco industry has witnessed the flourishing of cloudification. During this process, VM-based deployments helped industry players achieve tremendous business success. Against this backdrop, telco cloud has become one of the most important infrastructures for mobile communications. In particular, with the advent of 5.5G, container-based deployment has become a main direction for operators as they seek to develop cloud-based networks. However, containers require further improvements if they are to fulfill carrier-grade capabilities and provide high performance, high reliability, and a smooth evolution.

Huawei has taken the lead in launching the industry's first dual-engine container solution. This solution integrates multiple technological innovations with the aim of building a high-reliability and high-performance telco cloud. Such a telco cloud not only matches the best deployment practices and operators' evolution pace, but also supports smooth container-oriented evolution from all paths, helping operators achieve business success.

Fully converged architecture: This dual-engine container solution accommodates VMs and containers in the same resource pool, tapping into the advantages of the VMs in terms of resource management while maintaining the application-oriented flexibility of containers. This solution allows on-demand scheduling of VMs, containers, and bare metal servers while providing shared storage and network resources. This helps to improve integration by 25% at the same time as shortening service rollout time by 50%. In this way, customers' existing investments are greatly protected.

Carrier-grade capabilities: Huawei's dual-engine container solution achieves carrier-grade cloud native capabilities thanks to the company's years of telecom experience. Packed with technologies including ultimate telco performance optimization and one cloud with multiple OSs, the network delivers a 15% to 20% higher performance than conventional VM-based networks. Cloud OSs do not need to be upgraded together with newly added hardware, accelerating service rollout by 80%. On top of that, technologies such as storage fault bypass and cross-layer fault demarcation significantly boosted the security, reliability, and O&M efficiency of cloud-native containers.

Smooth evolution: Years of NFV development have led to huge portions of VM-oriented infrastructure on the live network. Huawei's solution innovatively offers smooth evolution from VMs to containers through capacity expansion instead of new deployment. It features resource convergence, management convergence, and deployment convergence. It also uses one architecture to support smooth evolution from all paths and flexible conversion from VM resources to container resources, using a deterministic architecture to confront the challenge of uncertain evolution pace.

Huawei always remains committed to technological innovation, helping operators achieve all-cloud transformation, continuously innovating and enabling services, and working with operators to create industry value in the 5.5G-oriented industry and move towards an intelligent world.

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