2 Billion+ Smart Phones Licensed by Huawei to Use Its 4G or 5G Patents

Updated:2022/6/10 13:43

As Fan Zhiyong, head of Huawei's Intellectual Property Rights Department, revealed at the Broadening the Innovation Landscape 2022, a forum on innovation and intellectual property held by the company, more than 2 billion smart phones have been licensed to use its 4G or 5G patents in the past five years. In terms of cars, about 8 million connected vehicles licensed to use Huawei’s 4G or 5G patents are being delivered to consumers every year.

It is said that the value of Huawei patents has seen wide recognition in the industry, especially in mainstream standards such as cellular technology, Wi-Fi and audio/video functionality. Huawei has signed patent licensing agreements with manufacturers in the sectors of smart phones, connected cars, network technology, Internet of Things and smart homes, and is also proactively establishing partnerships with patent licensing companies to provide "one-stop" licensing for mainstream standards. In 2021, Huawei raked in the most authorized patents in China, ranked first in the number of patent applications by the European Patent Office, and fifth in the number of newly granted patents in the United States. It is also the leader worldwide with regard to the number of PCT patent applications for five consecutive years.

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