3,000+ 5G Base Stations Installed in 200+ Coal Mines Underground Assisted by Huawei

Updated:2022/4/28 14:40

Huawei has assisted in installing more than 3,000 5G base stations in more than 200 coal mines underground, as revealed by Hu Houkun, the rotating CEO of Huawei, at the HAS 2022 Global Analyst Summit.

“In the past 30 years, in the telecommunications industry, we are used to meeting the massive demands with standardized products. But when facing the digitization of different walks of life, we find varied needs, even the same product could face the needs of different industries and different scenarios”, said Hu Houkun. Take the 5G application in coal mines for example, unlike base stations above ground, those underground must be in line with the safety production and explosion-proof requirements. Therefore, they have to go through the explosion-proof transformation and control the transmission power below 6W.

He also pointed out that, in the practice of industrial digitalization, Huawei saw another need. Facing different scenarios, customers prefer product portfolios that are easy to deploy, easy to install, and prefabricated. This lowers the difficulty of digital transformation.

Huawei is innovating in this dimension, taking one more step forward for product pre-integration and pre-validation in advance, “to leave the troubles to ourselves and bring convenience to our customers and partners”. Last year, Huawei has introduced more than 20 new product portfolios facing finance, education, healthcare, energy and other industries, which have significantly enhanced the efficiency of its customers and partners in installation, maintenance and management.

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