Rebound of Optical Fiber Cable Industry Ecosystem

Updated:2022/3/29 13:44

Lately, Hengtong Group received a research agency. Inquired about where the optical communication industry is heading, Hengtong admitted that the price of centralized procurement of optical cable bottomed out in 2020, following years of decline in the industry. In late October 2021, a surge in both quantity and price was seen in general optical cable bidding of China Mobile. The industry ecosystem bounced back with continuous improvements to supply-demand relations, evidenced by roughly 20% larger procurement and over 50% higher price of optical cable relative to that in 2020.

Allegedly Hengtong came third in the centralized procurement, seizing 13.97% of the market share. Besides, the company was ranked No.2 in China Telecom's centralized procurement of outdoor optical cable. As forecast in the 2021 business condition disclosed earlier, Hengtong's revenue will rise 27% from a year earlier to 41 billion Yuan in 2021.

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