Ericsson to Resolutely Take Part in Chinas 5G Construction

Updated:2021/4/28 11:58

Facing the vigorously growing Chinese market, Ericsson recently reaffirmed its commitment to the Chinese market and its determination to get actively involved in China’s 5G construction and become the “enabler” of China’s digital economy with advanced technology, products and practice on its spring media conference themed “5G creation in China!”. Ericsson will further increase the investment in local research and development, acting as the “pusher” of 5G technological innovation in China; and be synchronized with the green and sustainable development agenda of China as a “co-constructor” of sustainable development in China.

As pointed out by Chris Houghton, Ericsson’s senior vice president and president of the Northeast Asia Region, “China has a dominant position in global 5G investment”. In 2020, China has made significant progress in 5G construction, and is now growing to an important driver of 5G key function necessary for future development. Since 1894, Ericsson has been doing business in China. Time has proven Ericsson to be a trustworthy partner of China. Today, we remain committed to this tradition and its continuation into the future.

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