Huawei Reiterates "No Plan of Making Cars"

Updated:2021/3/1 14:26

Rumor has it that Huawei plans to make cars. The firm responds by affirming no change in its strategy for intelligent automotive solutions, i.e., it will play an assisted part in car making by focusing on ICT and providing incremental intelligent automotive parts to relevant vehicle manufacturers.

Earlier the firm already denied many reports of "Huawei involved in car making". "Whoever advise car making are causing disturbance to the company and may be transferred or fired in the future," noted in one of the firm's resolution on business management of intelligent automotive parts.

In fact, Huawei is aware that car makers prefer "Huawei not involved in car making" and that incremental parts are of great significance to value of upstream operations in the industry chain. And the firm has established a partnership with many famous brands, which is attributable to no plan for making cars. Earlier on February 20, Richard Yu, Huawei's Consumer CEO, announced the firm's HMS for Car deployed at the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan.

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