Huawei Wang Chenglu: Harmony OS Is Not A Copy of Android or iOS

Updated:2021/1/13 17:57

Wang Chenglu, President of CBG software at Huawei Consumer Business Group, stated in a recent speech that Harmony OS is not a substitute system made in response to U.S. sanctions. It is not a copy of Android or iOS, but is a panoramic operating system facing the future IoT era.

Wang Chenglu said, the project of Harmony OS was registered and started developing in May 2016, when Huawei was thinking about the future of operating systems after the smartphone industry reaches its top. Also, Huawei believed itself is too giant a terminal business to place its root in someone else's system. These thoughts led to the birth of Harmony OS.

Wang revealed that Huawei's goal is that in 2021, the number of Harmony OS-installed Huawei devices is conservatively estimated to reach 200 million, or well over it. More importantly, Harmony OS will be available for third-party devices, the number of which is 100 million at a conservative estimation. In total, the number of Harmony OS-installed devices will add up to 300-400 million in 2021.

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