Lenovos Big Investment in 5G Industry

Updated:2019/8/29 08:45

Yuanqing Yang, Chairman and CEO of Lenovo, announced that Lenovo has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Chongqing Municipal Government.

According to the agreement, Lenovo will invest in the construction of 5G cloud convergence headquarters in Chongqing, including 5G business and program headquarters. Over the next five years, the headquarters expects to employ more than 1500 people, and its cumulative sales are expected to exceed 10 billion yuan. In the future, Lenovo will build a center of 5G R&D, application, delivery and demonstration, and a 5G smart equipment manufacturing base will be built based on the development of local business.

Lenovo has invested in 5G for many years. It has applied for more than 500 essential patents of 5G standards and first introduced 5G PC and 5G Mobile Phone in the industry. In addition, Lenovo has established 5G network and solution business.

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