ZTE Completes mMTC National Tests

Updated:2017/6/9 14:51

Recently, in the second phase of China's 5G national test, ZTE first completed mMTC field test with satisfied results that the capability to increase access terminals is nearly 600 percent and the equivalent ten-million-level connection density is realized, which can be seen as a further step toward a world with everything interconnected.

ZTE chooses MUSA (Multi User Shared Access) for the low-power consumption & large-connection scene, effectively enhancing the number of access as well as supporting the large-connection scene.

China's 5G national test is divided into three verification phases consisting of key technology verification, technical solution verification and system solution verification.

It is during the second phase this year. The test field in Huairou, Beijing is with full-scene test conditions including low frequency, high frequency, mMTC and uRLLC, meeting the needs of the full-range tests before launching 5G in a large scale in the future.

Relying on patented frame structure design and MUSA, ZTE finished the test successfully with good results, driving the 5G technologies in low-power consumption & large-connection scenes.

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