The number of China Broadcasting Network's 5G users reaches 13 million

Updated:2023/6/29 21:19

On June 28th, at the opening ceremony of the 3rd China Media Convergence Conference held in Beijing, CBN participated for the first time.

Song Qizhu, Chairman of CBN, delivered a speech titled "Building a New Media Communication Network to Promote Cultural Inheritance and Development" at the conference. He stated that CBN was born out of the integration of the three networks and has grown and developed due to the strategies of building a strong cultural country and a strong network country. After nearly three years of overcoming challenges, the nationwide large-scale and intensive operation of the integrated network has shown significant results. The national backbone fiber optic network and provincial backbone fiber optic network have achieved interconnection. The China Broadcasting Network's 5G network has undergone a year of trial operation and commercial validation, with a user base number of 13 million. China's broadcast television network has initially formed a new pattern of integrated development of "cable + wireless" media.

CBN will continue to fulfill its mission as the main channel for guiding public opinion, the main platform for digital cultural services, and the main force for building a smart society. It will implement the strategy of cultural digitization, strengthen the integration of media, information, and technology, accelerate the construction of a new media communication network, a national cultural dedicated network, and a national new infrastructure network. It aims to empower cultural inheritance and development through digitalization. The first step is to build a strong foundation by establishing a new network for cultural inheritance. The second step is to empower through digitalization by stimulating the vitality of cultural inheritance on new platforms. The third step is to enhance the effectiveness of cultural inheritance through reform, innovation, and new services.

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