A Total of 974,000 Serving Staff in Three Major Telecom Operators

Updated:2023/3/29 19:45

Recently, China Mobile disclosed its staff composition as of the end of 2022 in its annual report, including 450,698 serving staff and 33,988 retired employees at the expense of the company.

Of all the employees, 204,404 are marketing workers and 165,873 are technicians. In terms of educational level, 55,904 are of master’s degree or above and 300,644 bachelor’s degree, accounting for 79% of the total.

In comparison, China Telecom had 280,683 serving staff and 72,620 retired employees afforded by the parent company and its main subsidiaries by the end of 2022. Among the serving staff, 30,700 have acquired a master’s degree or above and 162,695 bachelor’s degree, accounting for 69% of the total.

While for China Unicom, by the end of 2022, it had about 244,508 serving staff and 57,198 retired employees. Among the serving staff, there are 22,750 with a master’s degree or above and 160,174 with a bachelor’s degree, accounting for 75% of the total.

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