Song Qizhu: CBN's 5G Number Allocation Expected to be Implemented Soon

Updated:2022/5/20 14:41

At the "2022 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day" Convention held recently, Song Qizhu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Broadcasting Network Group Co., Ltd. (CBN), stated that since obtaining the 5G commercial license, CBN had been actively planning and promoting the implementation of the integration of TV networks across China, as well as the integrated development of 5G network construction for radio and television. The construction of CBN's 5G core network and related business platforms is currently in the final stage, and its network interconnection with China's three major operators has also made significant phased progress.

Song revealed that on May 17 in Inner Mongolia, CBN signed the interconnection protocol with four local operating companies, which is a milestone in CBN's 5G development history. According to national requirements, the integration of cable TV, 5G and content in China is being accelerated. With the support of various parties, the 5G number allocation of CBN throughout China is expected to be implemented as soon as possible.

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