China Unicom and China Telecom Now Share 660,000 4G Base Stations

Updated:2022/3/16 14:44

According to the 2021 financial statements of China Unicom released on HKEx, in 2021, China Unicom carried forward co-construction and sharing taking the opportunity of construction of 5G and other new digital information infrastructure. It has continued to work closely with China Telecom and newly opened 310,000 5G base stations. The two have set 690,000 5G base stations in total, achieving the world’s largest 5G co-construction and sharing network. 4G sharing is further expanded, now with 660,000 4G base stations shared by China Unicom and China Telecom.

Through co-construction and sharing of the 4G/5G network, China Unicom contributes to the goal of "peak carbon emission and carbon neutrality". The estimated electricity saved every year is more than 17.5 billion kWh, and the cumulative reduction of carbon dioxide emission is more than 6 million tons. In this way, it may save more than RMB 210 billion in investment accumulatively for both parties.

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