China Telecom Tianyi Gateway 4.0 Completes First Selection

Updated:2024/1/31 19:55

According to the official website of China Telecom, the first selection committee for the centralized procurement project of China Telecom Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (2023-2025) has completed the evaluation of the selection documents submitted by each candidate in accordance with the selection methods and standards specified in the selection documents.

According to the evaluation results, 10 manufacturers including ZTE, FiberHome, Huawei, and Shanghai Nokia Bell were shortlisted. Among them, ZTE won the first place in four packages; FiberHome Communication won 2 second and 2 third places out of 4 packages; Huawei has been shortlisted for 2 packages; Shanghai Nokia Bell has been shortlisted for 2 packages. Roughly estimated, the amount of China Telecom's centralized procurement this time is close to 1.7 billion yuan.

According to the previous pre qualification announcement, the procurement scale of China Telecom Tianyi Gateway 4.0 (2023-2025) centralized procurement project is 50.261 million units, and this announcement is for the first selection of successful candidates.

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