China Mobile Using 5G Base Stations for Low-altitude UAV Detection

Updated:2022/1/20 14:52

On January 13,China Mobile conducted the world's first prototype test and validation of the technical scheme of detecting low-altitude drones in Beijing based on its 5G base stations. Test results show that base stations involved in seamless and continuous detection can secure meter-level precision in target UAV detection, where each base station covers a 1km range of low-altitude detection, tracks and detects 1,280 targets at the same time.

Based on the integration of 5G communication and sensing and the advantage of mass deployment of 5G base stations, the company makes effective low-altitude UAV detection a reality by virtue of 5G base stations. Outperforming the traditional UAV detection in extensive and continuous coverage, low cost and easy deployment, the technology will provide a mind-blowing thought and crucial technical innovation with regard to safe regulation of low-altitude drones.

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