China Mobile Started the 2021 Centralized Procurement of Common Optical Cable

Updated:2021/9/10 13:25

On September 8, 2021, China Mobile officially started its 2021 centralized procurement of common optical cable. According to its official announcement, the estimated scale of this procurement is 4,470,500 km (cable), or 143.2 million KMF.

The project gives “a cardiotonic shot” into the optical fiber & cable industry. Moreover, this year, China Mobile’s centralized procurement scales up by 20% and 36% respectively compared with 2020 (119.2 million KMF) and 2019.

The upper limit of bid price is set at 9,858,866,700 yuan (excluding tax), 20% higher than the upper limit of 8,215,409,500 yuan in 2020, showing an equivalent level of increase with the procurement scale. This indicates the stabilized optical fiber & cable prices after bottoming.

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