China Mobile to Start Equipment Procurement for Construction of the 4G/5G Convergence Core Network

Updated:2021/9/6 10:44

Recently, China Mobile announced its 2021 centralized procurement of equipment for construction of the 4G/5G convergence core network.

It is reported that the project is a centralized bidding for construction of: new 4/5G convergence core network (AMF/MME, SMF/SAEGW-C, UPF/SAEGW-U (including coupled edge UPF), CHF/CG, voice PCF, mobile user data (UDM/UDR) network element across the country (except 15 cities), strategic control (data PCF/UDR) in 50 cities and BOSS PCF/UDR equipment); new IMS core network (CSCF, VoLTE AS, VoLTE SBC, ENUM/DNS); new virtualization platforms (virtualization layer software, SDN system, NFVO+, and system integration) of companies in 8 regions/ 31 provinces.

China Mobile sets upper limits for the bidding: 6.7370 billion yuan (total amount, excluding tax) for the 4G/5G core network and IMS, 798.7 million yuan (total amount, excluding tax) for edge UPF. It also sets the number of successful bidders to be only 2.

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