ARM Accounts for More Than 1/3 of the Centralized Procurement for China Mobile's Network Cloud

Updated:2021/5/8 15:14

Recently, China Mobile issued a tender notice for the centralized procurement of computing servers for the phase three of the network cloud resource pool project. The project plans to purchase a total of 43,564 computing servers, including two tender packages: Package No. 1, X86 platform, with the demand quantity 28,854, and the maximum bid limit is RMB 142,3622,000 excluding tax; Package No. 2, ARM platform, with the demand quantity 14,710, and the maximum bid limit is RMB 730,850,000 excluding tax.

This is the first time that China Mobile has clearly announced the purchase quantity and proportion of the ARM platform in the centralized procurement for the network cloud, and the purchase scale and purchase amount of the ARM platform both exceed one-third of the total. This move indicates that China Mobile is actively embracing diversified computing power, which is not only based on the needs of business development, but also for the consideration of independent and controllable information and network security.

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