CBN is Reported to Build 400,000 5G Base Stations Next Year

Updated:2020/12/24 13:04

According to reports, China Broadcasting Network Corporation Ltd. (CBN) planned to build 400,000 5G base stations in 2021. The 400,000 700MHz base stations of CBN will cover more than 90% of the administrative villages in China. Therefore, if the progress goes smoothly, it will be possible to achieve 700MHz coverage in the entire CBN 5G network by the end of next year.

CBN's strategy of 700MHz+2.6GHz gives priority to network deployment in industry application scenarios. With 700MHz as the primary carrier and 2.6GHz as the secondary carrier, it can expand the downlink rate to 2.1Gbps, thus solving the problem of insufficient downlink rate of 700MHz; meanwhile, it can also extend the 2.6GHz uplink coverage edge.

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