China Telecom's First 5G Cloud Mobile is Priced at Only 999 Yuan

Updated:2020/11/8 23:37

Yesterday, Wang Guoquan, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom, stated that China Telecom’s "Cloud Terminal Programme" aims to meet the needs of cloud services in all scenarios by focusing on seven categories of cloud terminal products, including cloud mobiles, cloud Pads, cloud computers, cloud TVs, cloud routers, cloud cameras, and cloud XR, providing services such as massive storage, elastic computing power, multi-terminal sharing, and security upgrades.

According to reports, China Telecom’s cloud terminal ecological program of cooperation will open up various capacities and provide resource support to developers, chip/device vendors, ODMs, application solution providers and other partners, and is committed to creating an open and win-win Esurfing cloud ecosystem. The goals are to gather over 1 million developers, provide more than 1 million applications and solutions, and launch over 1 million cloud terminals.

China Telecom also officially released the first 5G cloud mobile "Esurfing No. 1", with a retail price of 999 yuan, and will be on sale in both online and offline stores on November 7.

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