China Telecom officially launches the commercial 5G packages

Updated:2019/11/1 08:54

China Telecom is reported to launch the 5G services in 50 cities. At the early stage of commercial application, the 5G network covers the downtown areas and the hotspot zones. The coverage would be expanded along with the improvement of the network infrastructure.

China Telecom offers 7 packages at RMB 129, 169, 199, 239, 299, 399 and 599, which include the data traffic of 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 150GB, 300GB and the call of 500 minutes, 800 minutes, 1000 minutes, 1500 minutes, 2000 minutes and 3000 minutes. The pre-subscribed accounts enjoy 20% off. For accounts upgraded to 5G packages from the 4G ones, those with over 3-year membership enjoy 30% off and those with less than 3-year membership 20% off.

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