China Mobile Invests CNY2 bn in Cellular IoT

Updated:2017/6/26 15:33

China Mobile Zhejiang Branch announced on June 22 that it launched the cellular Internet of Things pre-commercial service in Zhejiang Province.

Zheng Jie, general manager of China Mobile Zhejiang Branch noted that the company will invest CNY2 billion dedicated to cellular Internet of Things, constructing the IoT open laboratory and terminal laboratory, set up the annual subsidy of 50 million renminbi for IoT terminals, improve an IoT application enabling platform and support 100 IoT partners.

Mr. Zheng said that China Mobile Zhejiang Branch has achieved nearly 10 million IoT subscribers by far, and by the end of this year, the connections in China Mobile's IoT network in Zhejiang are estimated to exceed 15 million and its IoT revenue will exceed CNY700 million for the whole year. It is expected that the Branch's IoT connections will double, reaching 100 million before 2020.

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