A New Chapter in Chinas Aviation: 5G Services for In-flight Connectivity

Updated:2021/5/18 10:54

On May 14th, the Civil Aviation Administration of China disclosed at the press conference that it has officially released the ‘Roadmap for the New Generation of Aviation Broadband Communication Technology’ lately. This is the first time that the CAAC has clearly proposed a systematic implementation path for the application of a new generation of aviation broadband communication technology represented by 5G technology in China’s civil aviation, and it also reflected that the much-awaited 5G ATG service is finally ‘accelerating the pace of development’.

The conference also introduced that the slow onboard wireless network at present is mainly restricted by the communication system, and CAAC will work with relevant departments of the State Council to solve this problem and jointly accelerate the evolution of the network infrastructure and effectively increase the communication speed. The first is to realize the transformation from traditional satellite communication technology to high-throughput satellite communication technology; the second is to combine with the 5G new infrastructure to upgrade the ATG communication system from 4G to 5G; the third is to optimize the existing network structure and enhance the network coverage. 

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