580,000 New 5G Base Stations Built in China in 2020

Updated:2020/12/25 20:42

According to Wen Ku, Press Spokesman of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Chinese 5G experienced rapid development in 2020 as the MIIT’s drive to push forward 5G development and applications and accelerate 5G network construction achieved favorable effects.

1. Network construction was steadily progressing with 580,000 new 5G base stations and 300,000 co-constructed or shared 5G base stations being put into use, covering all municipal regions.

2. 144 million 5G mobile phones were released to Chinese market in the first 11 months of the year, including 199 new models being launched.

3. 5G users increased at an astounding rate with the number of 5G end connections exceeding 200 million.

4. 5G applications developed rapidly, as the number of projects participating in MIIT’s 5G Application Contest increased from over 300 in 2018 (the first year the contest was organized) to over 4000 in 2020.

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