Guangdong Has Built Over 110,000 5G Base Stations In Total

Updated:2020/11/19 22:58

 Guangdong government has declared its aims of "building another 48, 000 5G base stations till the end of this year" in the annual government work report. Till October, Guangdong government officials have joined efforts and overcome difficulties caused by the epidemic to finally build 73, 670 new 5G base stations, overfilling the target.

Now there are over 110, 000 5G base stations built around Guangdong Province, including 30, 611 stations in Shenzhen and 27, 769 in Guangzhou.  Its data of "two construction projects" also ranks first in China. Currently, 5G networks have basically reached full coverage in Shenzhen, continuous coverage in main urban areas of Guangzhou, and universal coverage in central cities of Pearl River Delta.

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