Pang Ce of GSMA: China to Contribute to 85%+ of Global 5G Links in 2020

Updated:2020/11/5 23:43

 "From where we (GSMA) can see, Worldwide 5G building has been seldom influenced by COVID-19 so far," said Pang Ce, Strategic Partnership Manager of GSMA Greater China. Up to September 2020, 107 carriers commercialized 5G networks at 47 states/regions; 18 carriers accomplished 5G commercialization in Q3. So it is expected that 149 carriers will commercialize 5G networks in 57 states/regions by the end of 2020. And by the end of 2025, 410 carriers will commercial 5G networks in 123 states/regions.

China's 5G links are reckoned at 200 million in 2020, way ahead of other countries in the world with a percentage of over 85% in global 5G links.

Pang Ce considered Asia as the world's fastest-growing smartphone market. Of the top ten blue ocean smartphone markets, seven are Asian countries. And Chinese consumers buy over 30% of smartphones around the world.

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